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Brushless gimbal

Robotae produced software to give the Halo brushless gimbal smooth motion.

Higher designed the Halo brushless gimbal for the film industry, enabling stabilised footage to be shot either handheld or with a drone.

Undertaking hardware modifications and developing a sensor fusion algorithm, Robotae produced the software to give the gimbal smooth motion.

Our initial analysis of the system led to a few hardware modifications to allow control to be feasible with such a high moment of inertia mismatch between the motors and the load.

We developed a sensor fusion algorithm to combine the gyro, accelerometer and magnetometer data to give a low latency, low drift attitude estimation.

The attitude estimator feeds into a nested closed-loop motor controller, which provides the stabilisation and smooth pan and tilt using a jerk-limited profile generator.


Brushless gimbal designed to provide steady shots from moving camera

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