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CARV quoteAs a result of the ever-growing Internet of Things (IoT), entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the exciting opportunities available in wearable technology.

Consumer demand is rising for fitness trackers and smart watches – the upward trajectory is clear. Insight Partners forecasts that the wearables market will have a value of USD 170.91 billion by 2025.

Wearables require ultra low power electronics and Robotae has the technical expertise to meet the task.


Robotae has signed a contract with Motion Metrics Ltd to assist with the development of the electronics of their Kickstarter sensation CARV, the world’s first wearable product that helps skiers improve their technique.

Using a smart insert in the ski boot, Carv measures motion and pressure distribution in real time. Advice determined from this information is relayed through headphones to the user, improving the skier’s style and technique.

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Smart inserts capture information about movement and style

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