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Change of Paradigm

Robotae has developed a gonioreflectometer to characterise the reflective properties of fabric samples

Housed in a specially built darkroom, the gonioreflectometer takes images of a textile sample (in the centre) from different angles using a camera on one arm, illuminated from many directions by a high quality spotlight on the other arm, to measure and characterise its reflective properties.

Change of Paradigm is moving fashion towards a digital revolution, providing luxury fashion at an affordable price by selling exclusively from photorealistic 3D-simulated garments before they’re produced, thereby eliminating over-production.

Robotae has designed a gonioreflectometer to take images of textile samples from different angles, illuminated from many directions to measure and characterise their reflective properties. These visual properties will enable game-changing photorealistic rendering of high end fashion, as the eventual 3D rendered images will display accurate texture and movement of the materials.

Robotae designed and built the device, including construction of a purpose-built darkroom to house the system.

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